Cambridge Audio Alva ST Turntable

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Belt Drive Turntable With Bluetooth aptX HD Hi-Res Streaming

Solid Construction, Electronic 33⅓/45 Speed Change

Pre-Installed Audio Technica MM Cartridge

Built-In Switchable Phono Stage, Hinged Dust Cover

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About The Cambridge Audio Alva ST Turntable

The Cambridge Audio Alva ST is the jack of all turntables with a suite of convenience features seldom encountered in a turntable of any price including the inclusion of hi-resolution wireless output via Bluetooth aptX HD.

In homage to the genius of Thomas Alva Edison, the Cambridge Audio Alva ST turntable tackles a problem that many people encounter in their home – where on earth can I put the turntable?

Cambridge Audio Alva ST Turntable

You see, turntables typically output very low level signals – think 5.5 mV (millivolts) if your turntable sports a cartridge like the very popular Ortofon 2M Red. This level of signal will not survive long on a cable which is why turntable leads generally max out at about 1.2 metres. CD Players or line level sources, by comparison, have an output (depending on the music) of anywhere between 200 mV & 2000 mV (2 Volts). That means the output of a turntable is, at best, around 40 times lower than a line level source. You can see why turntables need a phono stage to raise the output to a useful level (phono stages also provide RIAA equalisation but that’s a discussion for another day). It also means that turntables need to be fairly close to amplifiers, especially amplifiers with a built-in phono stage.

But Turntables are not that easy to accommodate in a modern home, where discrete is the name of the game and trying to sit a turntable on top of your sleek cabinet, squeezed under the TV etc is never going to be a good look. And hiding a turntable in a cabinet is always a pain, with hinged lids not playing well with confined spaces.

So, doesn’t it sound nice to be able to site your turntable out of the way, maybe near the listening seat or in an adjacent room? With the Cambridge Audio Alva ST, which can output hi-res audio via Bluetooth aptX HD, that’s exactly what you can do. All you need is either a standard Bluetooth connection, which is provided in every current home theatre receiver and many stereo amplifiers, or if you want to take full advantage of Lossless Hi-Resolution sound, a Bluetooth aptX HD connection which is featured on an increasing number of audio components.

There is also the exciting option of streaming music from the Alva ST direct to aptX HD capable Bluetooth headphones. How wonderful to be able to wander around your house or out on the deck whilst listening to hi-res music streamed direct from your turntable. Old tech meets new, in an amazing way. Who knew vinyl could be soooo convenient.

There’s Nothing Quite Like Vinyl: The tactile pleasure of removing a record from its sleeve and carefully placing it on a deck is unique. Cambridge Audio designed the original Alva TT to honour that tradition, and the more affordable Alva ST to share that pleasure with more people. With a pre-fitted cartridge – so you’ll be playing records in minutes – the belt-drive Alva ST also features switchable Hi-Res Bluetooth streaming and an integrated phono stage.  Everyone should be able to enjoy the freedom Alva brings.

King Of Convenience: Alva ST is for people who want to listen to records at exceptional quality – without the need to choose or fit extra components. Alva ST keeps it simple with perfectly matched cartridge pre-installed. Alva ST connects to pretty much any audio system too, as it has a switchable integrated phono-stage. It even works wirelessly with Bluetooth speaker systems.

Hi-Res Bluetooth: Built-in Bluetooth aptX HD liberates Alva from the rest of your hi-fi. With the freedom to place an Alva deck on any flat surface, your records take centre-stage. Music can be streamed to any compatible Bluetooth kit, including headphones, at up to 24bit/48kHz Hi-Res quality. Or, you can deactivate it and simply use phono cables – it’s your call.

Integrated Phono Stage: Alva ST has an integrated phono stage (phono pre-amp), derived from the award-winning Alva Duo – to reveal incredible detail from your records. It means you can connect Alva ST to any amp or compatible speaker system. You can deactivate the deck’s phono stage, too – ideal if your amp already has one or to keep upgrade options open. 

MM Cartridge Pre-Installed: After a careful selection process involving hours of listening, Cambridge Audio selected an Audio Technica Moving Magnet cartridge to be ready fitted on the Alva ST. With no fiddly set-up you’ll be playing records in minutes. The elliptical stylus provides a greater contact area with your records’ grooves, producing accurate tracking of information and, of course, great sounding music.

Belt Drive: Alva ST uses the proven belt-drive method, supplemented with electronic motor speed control. After connecting the belt for the first time, you won’t need to look under the platter again. Rotation speed selection is made by 2 neat electronic buttons on the ST’s aluminium top surface – so you can effortlessly switch between playing albums and singles.

Aluminium Platter: Alva ST’s platter is aluminium die-cast, finished by CNC to ensure a totally level and smooth surface. The 17mm high aluminium platter is finished with a 5mm rubber mat – a combination proven to reduce unwanted resonance. 

All-New Tonearm: After much testing, the engineers at Cambridge Audio selected a new high-mass, low-resonance tonearm for Alva TT V2 and Alva ST. By minimising resonant frequencies, and in combination with the cartridge, it helps retrieve the maximum detail from your records. A detachable die-cast aluminium headshell makes swapping cartridges easy – then fine-tuned with greater precision thanks to a new anti-skating dial.

Designed For Life: A record collection can last a lifetime, so why shouldn’t a turntable? Alva ST was built to do just that, with a 1mm aluminium top plate, and a layer of EVA to absorb vibration sitting on top of MDF. It’s cradled in a composite chassis and weighs 9kg. Reassuring solid, and with great sound absorption qualities too.

Timeless Style, From London: Finished with a lunar-grey aluminium top plate and matt black plinth, tapering to the trademark floating wedge base, Alva ST shares Cambridge Audio’s minimalist house style. It’s the perfect match for the best-selling Evo and CX Series hi-fi separates. Designed and engineered in London with the emphasis on classic timeless style.

Dust Never Sleeps: Keep your new Alva turntable’s finely balanced tonearm and aluminium top-plate pristine when you’ve finished spinning discs for the day, with the hinged dust-cover. It’s easy to raise, lower, remove and re-attach – the choice is yours.

About Cambridge Audio

For Cambridge Audio, life began in the swinging sixties, 1968 to be exact. This was a decade when British bands began to enjoy unprecedented global success, British studios led the way in recording techniques and British manufacturers started to make the best hi-fi equipment in the world, to replay music as naturally as possible. This sound has become recognised as the ‘British’ sound and Cambridge Audio was there at the beginning.

Although some of their products are very reasonably priced, don’t assume they are not good. In fact Cambridge Audio set the pace when it comes to value-for-money.

The P40 stereo amplifier was Cambridge Audio’s first product and was a runaway award-winning success. A promising start but Cambridge had lots more coming including new amps, preamps, power amps, AM/FM tuners, CD players, cassette decks and even the R50 transmission line speakers, which were all the rage in 1971.

The original DacMagic digital to analogue convertor was released to wide acclaim in 1995 and since then Cambridge Audio has been at the forefront of analogue & digital technology with cutting edge products like the Azur and 850 series, Minx sub sat systems and many more. Today we are spoilt for choice with something from the AX, CX, Edge or Evo range bound to suit your taste and wallet.

Our Take On The Cambridge Audio Alva ST Turntable

Combining versatile convenience, ease of use and high performance in a turntable is always a juggling act, but one that the Alva ST seems imminently well suited to. With a quality drive system, low-resonance tonearm, electronic speed selection, high-mass well-damped chassis and a great sounding Audio Technica cartridge it has every sound performance box ticked. But then it adds a built-in switchable phono stage and the ability to transmit all this sonic goodness at hi-res aptX HD Bluetooth resolution to suitable receiving components or headphones and suddenly, the possibilities open up exponentially. Oh, and it sure is easy on the eye. This is one audio component anyone would want to take home to meet the family.

Main Features & Specifications

  • Design: Belt Drive Turntable with Pre-Installed MM Phono Cartridge
  • Bluetooth aptX HD – Switchable Hi-Res wireless streaming
  • Built-In Phono Stage – Switchable phono pre-amp, direct connection to amp – keep your setup simple
  • Belt Drive – With simple electronic push button speed control
  • Pre-installed Moving Magnet Cartridge – A well-regarded choice, play records in minutes
  • New Tonearm with Removable Headshell – Lightweight and strong & tracks your records flawlessly
  • Turntable Speeds: 33⅓ & 45rpm
  • Turntable Platter: Die Cast Aluminium
  • Platter Weight: 645.3g (930.5g inc. rubber mat)
  • Audio Out: RCA Phono/Line Level (Switchable)
  • Bluetooth: SBC/aptX/aptX HD
  • Cartridge: Audio Technica Moving Magnet Cartridge with Alloy Tube Cantilever
  • Cartridge Output Level: 3.5mV @ 1kHz
  • Finish: Lunar Grey
  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 435 x 139 x 367mm
  • Weight: 9kg
  • Manufacturer’s Warranty: 2 Years

Note: Features & Specifications Subject To Change Without Notice. E&OE

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