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High Fidelity systems started to get a foot in the door in the mid 1950's and with the arrival of stereo towards the very end of the decade, the public were ready to be swept-up. Visionaries like Peter Walker (Quad UK) and Saul Marantz (Marantz USA) as well as others took their love for music and developed electronic components which are highly sought after even today. But, they set the ground work for what we have today...and that is a range of new and retro technologies to delight all lovers of music.

Of course it is no longer news that vinyl records have surpassed CDs as one of the principal means of music listening at home and record player manufacturer's including ProJect and Rega struggle to meet demand, but streaming your favourite tunes via one of the many services available is equally popular and virtually every main-stream electronics brand has a Bluetooth or wireless speaker on offer with prices at both ends of the spectrum!

The 1970's were considered a golden age for high-quality and affordable hi-fi gear, but arguably we now live at a time where we are truly spoilt for choice when it comes to enjoying our music. Around 1968, I sold my grand-father a Toshiba 'Boston' 3-piece stereo and he was absolutely over the moon. Man landed on the moon the following year, but absolutely no one could have imagined where the home audio technology would go during the next 50 or so years. While I write this, I am actually enjoying the Audio Trends channel on Spotify and it is now just a normal part of life. Of course, we all have choices when it comes to buying our home audio gear and I invite you to give us call whenever you want some helpful advice. - Stephen Lee (Founder)

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