ProJect T1 Phono SB Turntable

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Manual Belt Drive Turntable With Electronic Speed Change

Non-Resonant Glass Platter, Solid Plinth Construction

One Piece Aluminium Tonearm, Ortofon OM5e MM Cartridge

Switchable Phono Stage Built-In, Hinged Perspex Lid, Easy Setup

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About The ProJect T1 Phono SB Turntable

The Pro-Ject T1 Phono SB manual, belt drive turntable ticks all the boxes at a very affordable price. It uses a quality Ortofon cartridge, a one piece tonearm, non-resonant glass platter, electronic speed change and a switchable phono stage. And it sounds good. What more could you want?

The T1 from Pro-Ject Audio Systems is a new generation of turntable, aiming to deliver true high-fidelity sound on a limited budget. Boasting premium materials, stylish aesthetics and a rich, lively sound, the extensive development process has ensured that even though the price is affordable there has been no compromise in sonic performance.

Project T1 Phono SB

A Closer Look At The T1

Built-In Phono Preamp: The Pro-Ject Phono SB features a built-in phono preamp that allows you to connect the turntable to an integrated amp or receiver that does not have a dedicated phono input. This is a feature that can be turned off if your integrated amp or receiver already has a phono input. The Pro-Ject turntable is equipped with stereo RCA outputs and includes a super shielded, semi-symmetrical, low-capacitance RCA phono cable, purpose-designed by Pro-Ject, to connect to the line-level or phono input of your AV receiver or integrated amplifier.

Low-Noise Design: For the drive system, where many turntables may use un-regulated DC motors with wide speed fluctuations, the T1 Phono SB features Pro-Ject's proven system of an electronically regulated, precision-speed AC motor. The T1 Phono SB also comes with electronic speed switching between 33 and 45 RPM. The result is a low-noise, stable drive system for the turntable. The precision-speed AC motor drives a belt-system, attached to a newly designed sub-platter, which is mounted into an ultra-precise 0.001mm main bearing with a hardened steel axle and brass bushing (just like Pro-Ject's coveted Essential III turntables). Alongside this chosen motor system, the T1 Phono SB is able to ensure a smooth, anti-resonant rotational platform for the tonearm and cartridge to ride across.

One-Piece Tonearm: The tonearm on the T1 Phono SB is a new model, based on previous Pro-Ject designs. With its straight, 8.6" effective length and stiff aluminium construction, this one-piece tonearm also features low-friction bearings for absolute accuracy in use. Besides the clean and stylish looks, the integrated headshell won't cause any additional vibrations either, and is a big improvement over many other detachable, screwed-on or glued-on headshells.

Ortofon OM5e MM Cartridge: The Pro-Ject T1 Phono SB comes supplied with an Ortofon OM5e Moving Magnet cartridge, featuring an elliptical diamond stylus tip for true high-fidelity playback from your vinyl record collection.

Zero-Resonance Construction: The stylish CNC-machined plinth features no plastic parts and is carefully manufactured to ensure there are no hollow spaces inside, therefore avoiding unwanted vibrations within the chassis. Carrying this philosophy through the design, the included 8mm glass platter is also a heavy, zero-resonance design (avoiding the flaws of plastic or lightweight steel alternatives). Finally, the purpose-chosen turntable feet also do a good job of isolating the T1 from ambient vibrations around your hi-fi system.

Added Protection: The Pro-Ject T1 Phono SB comes with a hinged, clear plastic dust cover and a felt mat to protect the turntable and your records.

Our Take On The ProJect T1

The T1 Phono SB is a new affordable marvel. Still made in Europe by a turntable factory with decades of experience, it is a true hi-fi turntable that looks and sounds sublime. To say it ticks every box is an understatement. There is nothing anywhere near this price that has all this: rigid one piece tonearm, Ortofon moving magnet cartridge, electronic speed change for 33⅓ & 45rpm, non-resonant glass platter & the icing on the cake, a switchable built-in phono stage so you can use it with almost any amplifier or powered speakers. The new standard at this price point.

Main Features & Specifications

  • Design: Manual belt drive turntable with switchable built-in phono stage
  • Precision belt-drive with accurately regulated speed stability and electronic 33/45 RPM speed change
  • Built-in switchable phono stage - no external phono preamp required
  • Anti-resonant sub-platter design
  • Heavy 8mm, zero-resonance blasted-glass platter
  • Precision CNC‘d heavy full chassis: No hollow spaces, No plastic
  • Ortofon OM5e moving magnet pickup
  • 8,6“ highly precise and light aluminium tonearm
  • Low friction, vibration free tonearm bearing
  • One-piece tonearm design with integrated headshell
  • Super shielded, semi-symmetrical, low-capacitance phono cables - purpose designed by Pro-Ject
  • Vibration absorbing feet
  • Elegant dustcover with adjustable hinges
  • Hand-made in Europe


  • Speeds: 33⅓ & 45 (electronic speed change)
  • Principle: Belt drive
  • Speed variance: 33: 0.7% 45: 0.6%
  • Wow & Flutter: 33: 0.25% 45: 0.23%
  • Platter: Heavy 8mm, blasted-glass platter with felt mat
  • Main bearing: Stainless steel/brass
  • Signal to noise ratio: 65dB
  • Tonearm: 8.6” aluminium one piece
  • Effective arm length: 218.5mm
  • Overhang: 22.0mm
  • Effective tonearm mass: 8.0g
  • Counterweight for mass: 5 - 10g (pre-mounted)
  • Tracking force range: 0 - 50mN (17.5 mN pre-adjusted)
  • Outputs: RCA Phono/Line (switchable)
  • Included accessories: dustcover, felt mat, high quality Connect it E RCA Phono cable
  • Built-in Power Supply: 110 - 240V/50, 60Hz; 15 V DC 800mA
  • Power consumption: 4.5 Watt max
  • Available Finishes: Gloss Black, White & Walnut
  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 415 x 100 x 335mm
  • Weight: 3.8kg
  • Manufacturer's Warranty: 2 Years 

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