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Our journey with Klipsch started in 1976, a whole four years before Audio Trends was born. In those days, the Klipsch Cornerhorns ruled supreme but we found the Klipsch Heresy to be a little gem with a massive sound. Even in 1978, most amplifiers were under 50 Watts per channel but connect a pair of Heresy's and man did the room rock. And it still does and yes, we still sell Klipsch Heresy's that deliver rock-concert like sound. Click here to read more about Klipsch.

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  1. Klipsch AW-650

    Horn-Loaded Tweeter For Improved Dynamics & Efficiency Paintable, UV-Resistant Enclosure Supplied With Mounting Brackets Fill A Medium To Larger Outdoor Area With Great Sound

    Priced from $1,299.00
  2. Klipsch PRO-650T-RK Rock Speaker

    High Performance Outdoor Audio That Blends Into It's Envronment

    165mm Woofer With 25mm Aluminium Dome Tweeter

    Tested and Certified All-Weather Durability

    Fibreglass Cabinet Finished With Granite Look

    Priced from $699.00
  3. Klipsch PRO-10SW-RK Rock Subwoofer

    High Performance Outdoor Audio Subwoofer With 250mm Driver & Dual Voice-Coil

    Serious Rumble That Blends Into It's Envronment

    Tested and Certified All-weather Durability

    Finished In A 'Granite' Look Fiberglass Enclosure

    Priced from $999.00
  4. Klipsch CP-6 Outdoor Speakers

    All-Weather Slimline And Efficient Design Speaker With Swivel Brackets

    Features A 133mm Woofer And 0.75" Tractrix Horn Tweeter

    Priced from $999.00
  5. Klipsch PRO-10SW-LS Outdoor Subwoofer

    High Performance Outdoor Audio

    Subterranean Design

    354mm (10") IMG Woofer

  6. Klipsch PRO-650T-LS Outdoor Speaker

    IMG Woofer With Aluminium Dome Tweeter Mated To Custom Tractrix Horn

    Ultra-Wide Horizontal Sound Dispersion

    All-weather Durability - UV Resistant

    Rustproof Aluminium Grille

  7. Klipsch PRO-500T-LS Outdoor Speaker

    High Performance Outdoor Audio

    All-Weather Durability

    127mm (5") Woofer

  8. Klipsch PRO-12SW-LS Outdoor Subwoofer

    High Performance Outdoor Audio

    Subterranean Design

    305mm (12") IMG Woofer

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