From it's very humble beginnings in 1980, Audio Trends has worked hard to help customers understand why it pays to buy superior products. One way we did that was to write newsletters and print 4 or even 8-page flyers...and post them! Yes, this was around twenty years before the Internet and email where readily available and speeds where slow, so snail-mail was still used by us until 2015! We're still writing regular emails to our data base and have increased the regularity and content of our magazines with the help of digital production. Yes, they are online. So, sit back, grab a cuppa and hit one or more of the links!


Klipsch Reference Speaker Brochure

Paul Klipsch was a genius, madman, maverick and the company that bears his name has been irritating the neighbours with 'over-the-top' horn loaded speakers since 1946. For music or movie listening at volume level mach 1 or above, Klipsch Reference Series speakers should be on your shopping list. Read More>>











Audio Trends - Whole Home Entertainment Brochure

As with all things new in the world of technology, Australian's have embraced multi-room audio. In this brochure, we have a centre-page spread that highlights what we can do in almost every room in your home, even outdoors. There is also a section on CCTV installations and ways to improve your Wi-Fi signal.  Read More>>












Computer Audio Demystified

From streaming music and podcasts to watching YouTube videos, TV shows or movies, today’s computers are the hub that connects people to a vast universe of digital entertainment content. Great audio is possible in this new computer audio world, but it is not automatic. AudioQuest’s Computer Audio Demystified is a guide created to dispel some of the myths about computer audio and establish some “best practices” in streaming, acquiring and managing digital music.  Read More>>












Audio Trends - The Hi-Fi Magazine - Volume 18

In this issue, we feature material on what you can do to turn your home into a smart home. Multi-room music is of course big on the list for most of us and Sonos have some new models which we feature. Please note that we keep previous editions in our library so we can reference older models. Note that models and prices change, so contact us for up-to-date information. Read More>>











Audio Trends - The Ultimate Home Entertainment Experience

This magazine was created for the Man Cave Show in late 2019 and although the exact same systems may not now be available, we will have similar combinations available. Looking back, we featured some pretty impressive systems and products. Read More>>





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