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Honest, expert advice from friendly enthusiastic staff. We truly believe the Audio Trends team to be among the very best so it is appropriate to start off with a look at the people who make Audio Trends tick. We have a dedicated group of enthusiastic staff who share your passion for fantastic audio visual and ‘smart-house’ equipment. Our staff members include:


Mark Hales - Showroom Sales Manager

It's hard for Mark to remember life before Audio Trends, as apart from a short time as a Bricklayer’s assistant, Mark’s only job has been at Audio Trends. He started with the company in 1987. Mark was drawn to us because he has a strong personal interest in home entertainment products and a love of good music.

Mark’s early involvement with Audio Trends was with traditional Hi-Fi components, but the last decade has seen incredible changes in the way we both watch and listen to our favourite material, and Mark just loves all the changes in technology. He is a natural with it and even the most complicated configurations do not faze him.

Mark has had a number of roles within the company which has helped him understand more than just the products. For a number of years he was our Custom Integration Manager where he project managed a number of large domestic and commercial installations. With our business now moving to another level with our on-line shopping cart, it was only logical that he take on the role of Store Manager. This allows him to specifically channel his attention and skills to this challenging and exciting aspect of Audio Trends. However, you will often see him in the Conference room with house plans spread out and busy working on the various options!

Marks other interests, no he doesn’t play much Golf, include playing Squash, Tennis and Soccer and keeping up-to-date with what’s hot and what’s not in Movies! We are convinced he must have a contact, because anytime anyone raises the subject of a current movie, even if it was just released yesterday he says without fail… “I’ve seen it!” With a devoted wife, four children and a busy work schedule, Mark doesn’t have much time for much else. He loves going to the beach or the pool in the summer. Great guy, very likeable and will bend over backwards to get the job done right and on time. 

Contact Mark Hales

Office: (03) 9874-8233

Mobile: 0402-215-095

Email: [email protected]


Simon Lee - Online Sales Manager & Administration

Simon joined Audio Trends at the end of 1995, the same year he completed his Victorian Certificate of Education. It was felt that a years experience in the family business would stand Simon in good stead with any future career that he may choose.

The timing could not have been better, because there was a real need for more staff. The Home Cinema concept was taking off and more assistance was desperately needed. The first twelve months were soon gone as were the second!

Computerisation was now possible, with Simon having both an education that included computer skills and a youthful enthusiasm for this new and exciting tool. Instead of just playing games, he was now able to help everyone at Audio Trends come up to speed with at least the basics.

A TAFE course in accounting saw Simon eventually take over the administration of the accounts department in which he still has the key role of making sure all the bills and the taxman are kept happy, but has been elevated from the still important, but relatively mundane job of data entering. That is now handled by others because Simon is now very involved in the online sales which is now a very serious side to our business. When necessary, Simon also handles enquiries from the custom side of our business and is extremely knowledgeable with everything to do with advanced custom Home Theatre, multi-room audio visual systems and home automation. Simon and Garry - or senior installer - really know their stuff when it comes to these areas.

Although his friends would still say he is a car enthusiast, marriage, three children and his first home have seen him spend his spare cash on improvements, especially on his own personal dedicated Home Theatre room. The experience he gained in ‘sound-proofing’ and even decorating has proved invaluable for both him and his customers.

One of his other great passions is enjoying the great Australian outdoor scene with golf being a real passion – any place, any time! If you’re a Golfer or a Golf widow you will understand! Swimming, the beach and barbeques are popular in the summer and snow-boarding in the winter. Therefore if the snow report is good – don't ask for Simon! He is now a father, so understands the need to be thrifty and make the money stretch as far as possible. Simon was appointed a Director of Audio Trends in July 2009.

Contact Simon Lee

Office: (03) 9874-8233

Email: [email protected]


Andrew Coles - Senior Sales Consultant & AV Technician

Andrew's career began in the Audio Visual industry when a vacancy became available at the Sony Shop back in 1988, Andrew grabbed his chance and never looked back. They were the days when even Sony made some very nice Hi-Fi gear under the ES range which even we sold here at Audio Trends.

However, once you've been bitten by the audio bug, you've got to keep looking for more to satisfy your thirst for good music and so in 1999 Andrew moved to Acoustic Images where he teamed up with Anthony DeNardis and Graeme Rodwell who have since moved on, completely closing the business in June 2012.

Timing is everything and as they say when "one door closes another opens" and as one of our senior staff members had decided to pursue a career in another line of work we were in need of someone to help cover the shortage and Andrew was probably the only one in Melbourne who could fit in and be right at home with our customers! Andrew has a passion for vinyl reproduction and is very knowledgeable in turntables and can supply and setup a turntable to suit your system requirements.

His knowledge of high-end audio is right up there and he is definitely a Linn/Naim expert and with our homely environment, you can experience what the end result will look and perform like in your own home. As Andrew says: "Music and home cinema should be an enjoyable experience designed to make you feel happy and uplifted." Andrew will listen to your needs and requirements and design and recommend systems that will fulfill your criteria. Our systems will put the FUN back into your life! So give Andrew a call to discuss your needs.

Contact Andrew Coles

Office: (03) 9874-8233

Mobile: 0409-029-411

Email: [email protected]


Wes Bell - Web Content Manager & Senior Sales Consultant

Wes has been involved in listening to music and the pursuit of good audio gear ever since he can remember. In his early years he religiously sat in front of the transistor radio 7pm every Wednesday evening to write down what was making waves on the New Zealand top ten (yes, another Kiwi).

His first LP was Simon & Garfunkel’s “Bridge Over Troubled Water” in 1970. His music collection has grown in size and variety ever since and he currently has a sprawling collection of albums from classical to hip-hop spread across Cassettes, LPs, CDs and, more recently, digital downloads.

Somewhere along the way his passion for music spread to Movies & TV and he loves to watch characters as diverse as Captain Kirk, Jason Bourne, Amelie, Wall-E, Ben-Hur & Dexter come to life on-screen.

Although passionate about vinyl, turntables and all things analogue, Wes has fully embraced the digital age and loves to stream music and movies over his computer network.

Having trained as an audio engineer and with a background that encompasses radio production, sound creation for film & television and producing, recording and mastering albums, Wes loves using both sides of his brain in an industry that operates on the cusp of art and science. With experience in importing, distributing and selling AV equipment, he loves the smell of new electronics in the morning and is eager to connect people with equipment to enrich their audio and visual experience.

Contact Wes Bell

Office: (03) 9874-8233

Email: [email protected]


Simon Finch - Senior Sales Consultant

Growing up with an AV Technician for a Dad it didn’t take Simon long to realise he loved all things audio visual. An emerging techy at the tender age of 11, Simon rigged up the audio output on the family TV to his tape recorder so he could record Countdown every week on high quality cassette!

In keeping with his musical bent he took keyboard lessons as a young teenager so he could take full advantage of his wonderful Yamaha synthesiser which he loved playing every chance he got.

He also enjoyed outdoor pursuits and he counted himself infinitely fortunate to have a BMX track right opposite his house in Springvale.

BMX soon gave way to higher aspirations once he discovered trail biking in his middle teens (he owned at least 3 motorbikes during this time). This passion morphed back into pedal power in his twenties and has since encompassed road cycling and more recently mountain biking. He can be found in Lysterfield Park on most of his days off, keeping fit and mostly out of trouble apart from the odd scrape or two.

His AV career began back in ’95 at Encel Stereo in Richmond. He eventually managed the Doncaster Encel store where he gained an appreciation for fine things Italian such as Sonus Faber speakers and his beloved Rocket Giotto coffee machine. This man is serious about fine sound and even finer coffee. Don’t get in the way of Simon and a good brew.

In 2006 Simon moved to The Big Picture People Knox where his passion for home theatre was ignited – an interest that continues to this day.

In 2016 Simon decided to combine his AV passion with a move back to his two channel roots. Fortunately Audio Trends were on the hunt for a gun whisky drinker, whoops, salesman who could help take care of our customers. These days, Simon can be found hovering near the sales counter at Audio Trends with a grin on his face and a killer system deal in mind. Get in touch today if you want the benefit of his extensive experience in all things audio and visual.

Contact Simon Finch

(03) 9874-8233

Email: [email protected]


Garry Pollard - Senior Installer/Programmer

Garry’s family, including his father and brothers are all in the building game and so they naturally thought ‘their Garry’ would follow suit! But it was always difficult, if not impossible for Garry to get up in time for school, never mind the dark hours of the morning that his dad would have had him working! So after a couple of weeks of work experience with Audio Trends, this quietly spoken and good natured young man soon found a full-time position ‘playing’ hi-fi.

His first twelve months saw him gain a lot of experience behind-the-scenes, including assisting with deliveries and custom installations where his ‘extra’ height had a number of advantages. Garry continually receives compliments from our customers on his ability and enthusiasm to help, no matter how small the query. He has taken to Home Cinema and particularly multi-room a/v technology like the proverbial duck to water.

Now this is a pretty good asset for both us and our customers. Multi-room audio-visual is continually expanding in capabilities and knowing how to get the best out of this still emerging technology can be a challenge for the novice. Garry to the rescue. Combine his passion, knowledge and hands-on experience and you'll have the best multi-room audio visual system - and it'll all work superbly.

As with all the other staff members – the male ones anyway – Garry has a real passion for everything audio visual and the more difficult or intriguing the gadget, then all the better. Another mad car enthusiast (is there some correlation between a/v & cars?), he is always ‘drooling’ over the latest models and fortunately only in the glossy magazines! He is another convert to Golf!  Garry is another valuable member of the Audio Trends team who you can count on to answer any query with both patience and a smile.

Garry took the plunge in May 2011 and married his sweetheart Luaine and the two have had some time exploring distant lands. Good job they did because they are now in the family way...and she is a very cute little girl!

Contact Garry Pollard

Office: (03) 9874-8233

Email: [email protected]


Daniel Hickey - Installer & All Round Top Bloke

Audio Trends believe in keeping the family tradition going and so it was only a matter of time before we convinced Daniel to join his brother-in-law (Simon Lee) and his wife Kirsten at "the firm."

It was originally planned to get Daniel to work in the showroom but being young and strong and having a large number of installations to get finished it was agreed to get Daniel to work with our installation team. He is a quick learner and it wasn't long before he was assigned to go solo.

Of course we are trying to train him in other areas as well because at Audio Trends you have to be multi-talented.

Contact Daniel Hickey

Office: (03) 9874-8233

Email: [email protected] 


Kirsten Hickey - Web Content & Administration

Dubbed ‘Glamour Girl’ by the all male staff at Audio Trends, Kirsten is by far the best looking and glamourous member of our team. Keen on her bling & bright colours, Kirsten also has a very down to earth side – literally. For 10 years Kirsten worked for a major wholesale plant nursery gradually working her way up to managing the sales office. Whilst studying horticulture at TAFE she met her husband to be, Dan ‘The Garden Man’, who until June 2017 operated his own landscape gardening business.

Having basically grown up in Audio Trends, hard to avoid as her father started the business and her brother is one of the directors, there was no escaping a life of crime, whoops, joining the Audio Trends team in a variety of key roles.

Primarily involved in creative endeavours, Kirsten is a key player in producing the Audio Trends TV videos which run the gamut from interviews with colourful industry characters to instructional videos leveraging the rich experience of our staff to inform our customers in all things AV.

Lights, camera, action are three of Kirsten’s favourite words and as chief photographer Kirsten is often seen wandering the hallowed halls of Audio Trends, camera in hand, fitness app open, looking for her next photography target. Look out, it could be you.

Also active on the web site, ‘Agent K’ (her other nickname), can often be found working from home keeping the look and feel of our web site up to scratch whilst keeping her two young daughters, Tahlia & Lily, under control (good luck with that!).

All in all Kirsten brings a breath of fresh air to an otherwise male dominated industry with her infectious laugh, bubbly personality and wayward hair. She is always a pleasure to have around.

Contact Kirsten Hickey

Office: (03) 9874-8233

Email: [email protected]



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