Paradigm Classic Surround 1 (Black)

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2-Way Design & Bi-Directional Technology Ensures Extreme Placement Flexibility

Advanced Polymer Bass Cones - Efficient Dome Tweeters

Wall Mount Bracket Included - Designed In Canada

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About Paradigm Classic Surround 1

Paradigm’s Monitor Series, with its proprietary SuperDrive™ technology is seen here in the Paradigm Classic Surround 1. It beautifully combines very high performance and ultra-low distortion in a superbly styled cabinet.

Monitor speakers compete directly with the efficiency and output of other major brands. Even with moderately powered amplifiers, Monitor speakers deliver truly breathtaking performance. And in classic Paradigm tradition, unparalleled value too! So there is no need to give up fidelity to get your music loud!

The Paradigm Classic Surround 1 is a great example of the right approach to speaker design. It uses a similar bass driver to those found in the Monitor SE series. The same approach applies to the Tweeter. The two 25mm Dome Tweeters used in the Surround 1 are based on those used in the Paradigm Monitor SE series. In fact, all the products in the Monitor series utilise this same Tweeter design which significantly contributes to cost-efficiencies at manufacturing level.

As soon as you see the Classic Surround 1, you will see that Scott Bagby (Paradigm Co-Founder) takes surround sound speaker design seriously. This Canadian designed surround speaker is a bi-directional radiator with the sound being delivered to both sides, creating a superb wide and open surround sound effect. The Surround 1's are well constructed and come complete with heavy duty gold-plated speaker wire binding posts. They should be aligned at either side of your main listening position. You will love how their sound field will wrap around the back of your room.

The Building Blocks: Monitor Drivers

First seen in the Paradigm Reference lineup, the advanced S-PAL satin-anodised pure-aluminum bass/midrange cones deliver very high stiffness-to-mass ratio and outstanding internal damping. The result? Remarkable midrange clarity, superb extended bass response and freedom from unwanted resonances and distortions. In an affordable audio category – unbelieveable quality!

Advanced S-PAL Satin-Anodised Pure-Aluminum Dome Tweeters: These include powerful neodymium magnets and ferro-fluid cooling for increased power handling! Highs are more soaring and spacious, crystal clear and undiluted even at the higher bandwidths.

Wire Mesh Tweeter Guard and WaveGuide: More Reference technology, ensuring a smooth, wide panorama of audiophile-quality sound. Wire mesh protection for the pure-aluminum tweeter. 

Sophisticated Crossovers In An Affordable Audiophile Product: Again, it’s almost unheard of: polypropylene film or bipolar electrolytic capacitors, air core and laminated core inductors, high-power resistors. Crossover topologies are first and second-order with corresponding acoustic slopes of second and third-order providing optimal bandwidth and seamless integration as drivers cross over.

Long-Travel Motor/Magnet Structures: Despite fewer drivers than in previous series’, floorstanding and center channel speakers actually plumb deeper. This is, in part, attributable to the advanced motor/magnet structures: high-temperature copper or aluminum wire voice coils (varies by model) wound on Kapton formers, oversized magnets with all components FEA-optimized.

Foam-Rubber Elastomer Surrounds: Reference Studio Series geometry helps achieve that play loud AND play deep effect by allowing longer, expertly controlled cone travel.

Benefits Of Dipole Surround/Rear Speakers

Dipole surround/rear speakers will appeal to the audiophile eager for an affordable high-end home theatre or multi-channel music experience. Paradigm’s high-performance surround speakers have a number of sonic benefits and one major one is their relatively compact dimensions. The low-profile is application-friendly and perfectly suited for today’s multi-purpose listening spaces. In recording studios, discrete multichannel mixing is the order of the day. Bi-directional in nature, the new coherent surround technology reproduces the surround experience exactly as the sound engineers envisioned. The speakers add size and dimension to the soundstage while enveloping you in non-localised sound. The bi-directional technology also ensures extreme placement flexibility! It is more forgiving in areas where room dimensions, characteristics and/or room configuration (or all of these!) may not be optimal for a music and home theatre installation. In multi-use rooms where traditional surround speaker placement is neither possible or practical, Dipole surround speakers like these from Paradigm should be your first choice. We call them surrounds, but of course, they’re also ideal as rear speakers in any setup.

Main Features & Specifications

  • Design: 4-driver, 2-way bi-directional surround/rear
  • Crossover: 2nd-order electro-acoustic at 2.0 kHz
  • High-Frequency Drivers: Two 25mm (1") S-PAL™ tweeter domes
  • Bass / Midrange Drivers: Two 110mm (4-1/2") mineral-filled polypropylene cones, 25mm (1") voice-coils, oversize ceramic /ferrite magnets, steel chassis
  • Low-Frequency Extension*: 71Hz (DIN)
  • Frequency Response: ±2 dB from 120 Hz - 20 kHz (bi-directional soundfield)
  • Sensitivity - Room / Anechoic: 88 dB / 85 dB
  • Suitable Amplifier Power Range: 15 - 100 Watts
  • Maximum Input Power: 80 Watts Clean power for short periods
  • Impedance: Compatible with 8 ohms
  • Height, Width, Depth: 21.7cm x 23.5cm x 13.0cm
  • Weight (unpacked): 3.28kg each
  • Finish: Black
  • Warranty: 5 Years (Conditional)

* DIN 45 500. Indicates -3 dB in a typical listening room.

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