ProJect Brush It Carbon Fibre Brush

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A top-selling product for removing dust and minimising static from vinyl records.

An absolute minimum for all who want the best sound from their vinyl.

Can also be used for Shellack records.

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The ProJect Carbon Fiber Record Brush is probably the second best record cleaner around. But it's a must have! Products like the Knosti Record Cleaning machine at around $150 is very good as are some of the very sophisticated and expensive machines from Nitty Gritty in the USA. However, even owners of these cleaners need an Carbon Fibre Record Brush to keep the dust off between 'serious' cleaning.

About Pro-Ject Brush-It

You can buy carbon fibre brushes for under $10 and although they look similar they are not the real deal when it comes to quality. The ProJect is superior quality and its million plus conductive carbon fibres will maintain consistence over many years, possibly even decades. They are small enough to get into the groove and their conductivity helps drain static charge. Static charge is high voltage, low amperage and is easily dissipated into the user's body.

ProJect Brush-It Carbon Fiber Brush

During playback, holding these carbon fiber brush bristles over your vinyl record does more than get rid of the build up. This vinyl record brush removes dust particles from LP records by creating an anti-static discharge. Static electricity attracts dust to your records meaning that your hi-fi system will pick up pops and crackles as you listen, but a carbon fiber record brush avails you of that issue.

Rather than having to run a micro-fiber cloth, velvet brush, or wet cleaning solution which we absolutely do not recommend, the Project Carbon Fiber Brush-It is a quick and easy way to clean records when you plan to listen. Even a typical vinyl record cleaner without an anti-static record brush will leave your records holding a little bit of a static charge.

‚ÄčAs you transport them from inner sleeves to your turntable, the stylus could still catch on some conductive material invisible to the naked eye. Even the most careful and dedicated vinyl collector contends with the enemy of household dust and fibers that float in the air and land on a record surface. Unlike cleaners that must be used with a fluid, the ProJect Brush It is incapable of hurting your records. A great product that should be in every Turntable/Record Player owners collection.

Main Features & Specifications

  • Hand-made carbon hair brush for removing dust from vinyl records. 
  • The brush makes the record antistatic so it does not attract dust. 
  • For those who care for their collection of vintage or brand new vinyl records. 
  • Can also be used for Shellac records.

Directions for use:

1. Place record on platter and start turntable.

2. Holding metal part of brush, gently place the brush across the grooves for a few turns until dust is collected.

3. With the brush on the record, carefully pull the brush towards you. Try not to lose any of the collected dust. It might be necessary to make a second pass to insure getting the very fine micro-dust which the carbon fibers are capable of collecting.

4. Rotate the brush within the metal handle to clean the bristles.

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