Record Revirginizer

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As Seen On The ABC New Inventors Program

Lifts & Removes Dirts & Oils

Removes Most Pops & Crackles

Highly Recommended By Us & Others!

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Don’t let your vinyl’s gather dust any longer! Record Revirginizer is a different and almost fun kind of way to keep your records clean. Andrew, our turntable guru has even done a video to show you how it is done. So, click on the link above and watch the crackles disappear.

About Record Revirginizer

From the beginning of time - 78's - dirt, oil, pops, crackles, background noise have been a problem. There have of course beens dozens and dozens of different ideas - brushes like the Discwasher and sprays like Groove Glide - but it wasn't till expensive record cleaning machines came along that anything really worked properly and even then results were just OK. Until the arrival of Record Revirginizer, we have only been really satisfied with the Knosti Record Cleaning machine which is a type of record bath and which we still sell. Of course, we know have a product in Record Revirginizer that goes to a completely new level of record cleanliness.

Record Revirginizer

We first became aware of Record Revirginizer via the ABC TV program The New Inventors and are glad we were watching that night! So, we obtained a sample and one of our staff decided he would experiment on just a couple of his precious collection and ones he was prepared to sacrifice! As he said "I can't recommend it to our customers if I don't believe in the benefits myself." Well, the rest is history and inventor Cary Stoddard is in our opinion a genius.

What Is It?

Record Revirginizer is a viscous, non-toxic liquid that is poured onto one side of a vinyl record, it is then massaged into the records surface and left to set. After setting it is easily peeled from the records surface taking all the microscopic contaminants with it; it's a bit like a facemask...but for vinyl records!

How Does It Work?

Record Revirginizer is formulated with just the right elasticity to remove all the embedded material, whilst at the same time not leaving any residue or damaging your vinyl in any way. The anti-static properties of the formula ensure that once the film is pealed off, your vinyl will be static free. You can clean and restore your records back to near their original condition and in some cases (due to residue left behind from the manufacturing mould release compounds) it can actually improve the sound of a brand new record as well.

With a Record Revirginizer treatment your music will have a superior depth and clarity; this is another reason vinyl is still enjoyed by audiophiles worldwide.

With a Record Revirginizer treatment you can now sit back and enjoy your precious vinyl recordings just like they were new. The inventor Cary Stoddard guarantees Record Revirginizer as the best vinyl record treatment you can buy, or he (and us) will give you your money back!

We promise you that you will be amazed by the results. (Too bad Cary didn't think of it before the advent of CD's!)


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