Record Revirginizer

About Record Revirginizer

Record Revirginizer isn't just a record cleaner, it actually restores your vinyl records back to their original condition by using a revolutionary anti-static polymer that acts like a facemask on the grooves of your records. It's a viscous, non-toxic liquid that is poured onto one side of a vinyl record, it is then massaged into the records surface and left to set. After setting it is easily peeled from the records surface taking all the microscopic contaminants with it; it's a bit like a facemask...but for vinyl records! Click here to read full story


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  1. Record Revirginizer

    As Seen On The ABC New Inventors Program

    Lifts & Removes Dirts & Oils

    Removes Most Pops & Crackles

    Highly Recommended By Us & Others!

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