Rega Planar 2 Turntable

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Superb Musical Performance, High Gloss Finish

Precision Rega Glass Platter, New Rega RB220 Tonearm

Includes Factory Fitted Rega Carbon MM Cartridge

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About The Rega Planar 2 Turntable

Quite a large step up from the Planar 1, the Rega Planar 2 is undoubtedly the best turntable in its class. The addition of a solid glass platter and the one piece RB220 tonearm really lifts the performance of this turntable to another level. With the addition of a gloss red finish, to complement the traditional gloss black and white, the Planar 2 is the clear choice for budding vinyl connoisseurs. 

The new Planar 2 was developed over the past two years alongside the recently released Planar 3. Featuring the brand new RB220 tonearm which is packed with groundbreaking new features.

Rega Planar 2 Turntable with ProJect Tube Box and Denon stereo amplifier (All sold separately)

A new 24v, low noise motor, acrylic laminated plinth, newly designed central bearing and so much more. Every feature of this innovative new turntable is designed to extract the maximum amount of information and detail from your vinyl collection.

Tonearm: Featuring the brand new RB220 tonearm which is packed with groundbreaking new features. Incorporating new ultra low friction, Rega designed, bespoke, zero play ball bearings (Patent Pending), housed within a brand new, stiffer and lightweight bearing housing which was developed with a new automatic bias setting negating the need for the user to set bias, making it almost completely plug and play apart from simple arm balancing. The new housing also includes an integrated arm clip and uses Rega's latest custom aluminium arm tube.

Hub bearing: The Planar 2 has a new 11mm self securing brass bearing (Patent Pending) offering improved fit and less stress on the bearing preventing the transfer of potential energy. It also is supplied with a new high gloss acrylic laminated plinth, stiffer and vastly improved appearance with ergonomically positioned power switch. The all-important motor has also been completely re-designed and is now a 24 volt low noise, low vibration motor assembly with new PCB. The other BIG addition is the platter. The old RP2 had a quite novel mdf platter which was and is better than the thin pressed steel platters on most other turntables in the category, but now the Planar 2 sports a 10mm float glass ‘Optiwhite’ 10mm platter which assists with Improved speed accuracy.

Other Features

If you're like most customers buying in this price-range it is possibly your first or first decent record player. So to make it easier and quicker to get going, Rega are now supplying their Carbon Moving Magnet cartridge in the package. No, you don't have to fiddle around with the tiny wires or mounting screws as it is all done at the factory in England. However, the Planar 2 is definitely capable of a further upgrade if you want to maximise performance. You will need an amplifier with a phono input or a phono preamplifier and Rega should be your first choice and they are reasonably priced. The support feet have also been re-designed. This improved foot assembly increases stability and reduces vibration transfer to the plinth. This doesn't mean you can dance around close to the player and it won't jump. Very few super high-end models can do that. Finally the player comes with a hinged perspex lid which is not shown in many if any of the images.

Rega In The News

The good folk at What Hi-Fi? Magazine gave the Planar 2 a glowing review:

"We spin SBTRKT’s Wonder Where We Land album and the Planar 2 finds its groove straight away. Anyone well-versed in Rega decks will no doubt recognise its sonic stamp: balanced and authoritative with impressive scale and natural musicality. It gets us toe-tapping to New Dorp, New York the moment the first beat thumps into being. The Rega delivers the bass line with punch, its low end earning its wings for handling the depth and texture of the guttural bass guitar in Gon Stay. And it has the agility and momentum to bounce along to Ezra Koenig’s perky vocal accompaniment. There’s insight into his playful quips, and a fitting solidity to the more thickset monologue that reveals the Rega’s midrange versatility.

Any hi-fi kit that’s going to get the best of SBTRKT has to be fairly methodical in its handling of flittering tinny beats, slicing percussions and frenetic rhythms, and while the Rega has the necessary precision and rhythmic know-how to coordinate them accurately in the soundstage, its delivery isn’t without enthusiasm.

The Rega is big-sounding enough for the lush electronic soundscapes laced with synth chords to sound bold and atmospheric too. It gets into a Saturday night feeling with the album’s pop melodies, and uptempo drums are energetic and punctual in the mix. It’s equally at home with the intricate, nuanced arrangements of Miles Davis’ Kind of Blue too, rendering the dynamic subtlety and timing to grasp the music’s subtly shifting manner, and packing a single wistful trumpet note with texture and information. The ability to tie all the musical strands together and paint them on a precise and spacious canvas seems to come easy to the Rega, and in that aspect its delivery just works."

"It’s a proper step-up in performance from the RP1 too. The Planar 2 is a high-performing deck at a competitive price. And it can celebrate its milestone birthday with another five-star review from us."

Main Features & Specifications

  • Design: Two speed manual belt drive Turntable
  • Tonearm: Latest RB220 tonearm with 3-point mounting
  • Lift: There is a hydraulic lift on the tonearm
  • Cartridge: Rega Carbon included
  • Speeds: 33 & 45 rpm
  • Plinth: Light weight plinth design
  • Platter: Superb glass platter
  • Mat: Includes felt mat
  • Dustcover: Includes hinged Acrylic dustcover/lid
  • Motor: 24 Volt low noise low vibration hand tuned motor assembly
  • Finishes Available: Gloss Red, Gloss Black & Gloss White
  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 447 x 117 x 360mm - Lid closed
  • Nett Weight: 5.5kg
  • Designed & Made In England
  • Manufacturer's Warranty: 3 Years

Note: Main Features & Specifications Subject To Change Without Notice.

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