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All-In-One Phono System, Including Amplifier & Speakers

2-Way Bi-Amplified Speaker System With Vibration Cancelling Architecture

Bluetooth, Optical Input For TV, USB Output For Recording Vinyl To PC

Maple & Walnut Finishes Available

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About The+ Record Player

The Plus Record Player has been designed by a team of passionate music lovers and professionals, in design and engineering, to ensure a high end, high performance stereo music system with high quality phono components, to impress even the most discerning vinyl enthusiast. A durable product designed for your continued musical enjoyment.

Technology: The Plus Record Player incorporates all the components you need into a plug-and-play, compact unit that will fit your room with natural and detailed sound. Up to this point Turntables have had to limit bass performance to reduce the tendency for the stylus to pick up speaker vibrations, resulting in unsatisfying resonances and distortion. The Plus Record Player eliminates acoustic feedback without limiting bass-performance with a multi-faceted approach developed by the Plus Audio engineering team:

  • Designing a unique four-speaker array
  • Developing a unique enclosure construction and bracing technique
  • Using the latest electronic DSP processing

The+ Record Player

Wide Mode: To overcome the lack of stereo separation typically found in all-in-one audio systems, there is a "wide listening" mode, where your music is reproduced feedback-free, with high-definition sound and a wide-soundstage that makes you feel like you're listening to separate speakers. It's a room-enveloping experience that brings your favourite music to life, whether it's at moderate volume for background listening, or a room-filling loudness for your vinyl listening party.

Sound Quality

Phono: The Plus Record Player delivers effortless, wide-range sense of detail, frequency range and clarity that you typically find only in separate, high-end component systems. Unlike other self-contained record playing systems, The Plus Record Player includes critically acclaimed components selected for their quality and performance. The turntable is a high-quality European belt-drive model from pro-ject, featuring a light tracking, award-winning Ortofon cartridge that preserves your valuable vinyl collection, while providing musically expressive accuracy.

Pre-amp: The Plus Record Player features an ultra-low noise pre-amplifier with highly precise two-stage architecture and passive equalization, like many high-end separate component pre-amps.

Amplifier: Each speaker driver is driven by its own dedicated amplifier channel, with discrete sonic contouring made possible by advanced dsp processing. The result is a coherent sonic blend between each driver, not achievable by traditional passive-crossovers.

Speakers: Achieving good bass in a small enclosure is a difficult task. For this, Plus Audio have developed a specially designed, compact long-throw aluminium-cone woofer that performs as well as larger conventional woofers. To fill out the high end with silky detail, 1-inch-soft-dome tweeters are used, each with their own chamber.

Power: The Plus Record Player has 100w (max) system, giving you upwards of 110db+ of output. That's more than enough for any party, and with no acoustic feedback when playing records.

Intuitive: The Plus Record Player has a logical menu layout with intuitive access to different inputs, modes and volume controls.

Versatile: A highly versatile analogue and digital music system. In addition to 33/45rpm vinyl playback, it includes Bluetooth for wireless streaming from digital devices, optical input for connection to a digital audio source TV, and USB input/output for ripping your vinyl to PC or playing back your music files. The Plus Record Player also includes two analogue inputs for hook up to traditional sources, and outputs include headphone output and a pre-amplifier output to add a subwoofer or separate powered speakers.

Have a Chromecast, Echo Dot, or Airport Express? Well, the Plus Record Player supports these devices too, with a convenient USB-A (5V) power output and a line-input to accept audio.

About Plus Audio

Plus Audio designs and engineers its audio products from the ground up, with the finest parts, materials and components.  Incorporating genuine wood veneer, aluminium accents and many other premium materials for sturdiness sound quality and the ability to blend seamlessly with your decor. The sturdiness explains why this product feels so heavy to lift and comes in two boxes. And yet The Plus Record Player looks as natural in your room as it sounds to your ears.

Main Features & Specifications

  • In The Box: The Plus Record Player, IR remote, Slipmat, Owner's Guide, Power Cable
  • Materials:  Wood, aluminium, plastic
  • Speaker Driver: 2 x high-excursion woofers, 2 x Soft dome tweeters
  • Amplifier: 100w Class-D power (2 x 35w + 2 x 15w)
  • DSP Processing: >100dB signal to noise ration
  • Turntable: Pro-Ject 33/45 rpm belt-drive turntable
  • Cartridge: Ortofon OM10 moving Magnet (MM) cartridge
  • Control: Intuitive user interface and infrared remote
  • Connectivity: Wireless Bluetooth, USB input / output, turntable 33/45 rpm selection, digital and analogue playback
  • Connections: 3.5mm headphone, USB port, USB charge port, aux-in, line input, optical input, line output
  • Power: 220 / 240v AC
  • Remote Control: Included
  • Avialable Finishes: Maple & Walnut
  • Stand: Available as an optional extra
  • Dimensions (LxWxD): 215 x 446 x 352cm
  • Manufacturer's Warranty: 2 years

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