Audio Trends realise that selecting the right Electronic Systems or Custom Integration Contractor for your home or business can be a challenge. The wrong choice will stay with you long after the installation is complete, with an audio/video, entertainment or control system that either doesn't deliver the performance you expected or is not easy to use or worse still...both! Every company you speak to will tell you that they are the best for your particular project, but how will you really know? After thirty years of  top results and happy customer testimonials later, here are some important points to consider when comparing companies...



A mistake some make is to assume the lowest price equals the best value. This is almost never true! Audio Trends prides itself on delivering the best value for your hard-earned money, even when the proposed system(s) are possibly not the lowest price compared to competing bids. We will back up this claim with an objective review of any competing proposed system(s) and can point out the differences so you know what you are really getting. There is no point in choosing the lowest price and then be left with an audio/video or automation system that is so difficult to control it is never used.



Sensitivity to Budget

Nobody likes to be oversold! We will specify solutions that are appropriate for your budget and performance expectations. We forge long-lasting, friendly relationships with our clients and are here to be your technology concierge, your helpful consultant. With the wide variety of brands we carry, within reasonable expectations we can engineer an audio video or control system to fit your budget.



Yes means Yes

Audio Trends' proposals are accurate and thorough from the beginning. Too many audio/video installation companies entice you with an incomplete or unrealistic proposal at a low price to win your business, then proceed with many additional changes that cost you considerably more than expected. We deliver on budget!



Open Communication

Audio Trends prides itself with having a team with a strong command of electronic systems technology, but we don't use complicated industry jargon when speaking with you, although we can if needed! We understand it is not  always the audio-video and integration components themselves you care about, but what they can do for you and your family. Feel free to ask as many questions as you like; we want you to feel 100% comfortable with the decisions you will ultimately make about the electronic aspects of your home.



Customer Service

It is a reality that due to the nature of electronics, you will probably need service or assistance at some point. With Audio Trends, you can rest assured in knowing that prompt customer service is another way that we deliver the Exceptional Experience. A dedicated, in-house installation and service department with a strong command of audio video systems and troubleshooting skills means that you will not have to wait for weeks for a someone to come to your home or business.



Easy to Use

Audio Trends designs home entertainment and business audio/video and home automation solutions that are easy and intuitive to use. Our custom touchscreen designs are based on many years of experience and customer feedback, plus we can integrate any individual preferences or features that you require.




Audio Trends employs a dedicated team with specialised design and engineering, project management, installation, programming, IT and after-sales service departments. Audio Trends are authorised distributors for all the brands we specify  and our staff are fully trained in all aspects of product design. Audio Trends is fully insured and employs extremely experienced design and installation staff. Audio Trends is also affiliated with industry associations to ensure you are getting the most knowledgeable group of professionals in your home or business. Please read more about the Audio Trends team in the "Our Story" section.



IT And Computer Networking

We have all become reliant on the Internet for our daily lives. You need your computer network to work securely, reliably and not have critical systems get bogged down by too much network traffic in your home. Audio Trends works closely with one of Victoria's premier IT Computer Networking businesses who have the specialised skills needed to design and deploy enterprise-grade networks that are configured around you and your audio/video and home automation system's unique needs.  We chose these guys back in 2000 when all this stuff was just starting to get going because they knew their stuff, and they still do! They know what we need, which is of course what you need! So we can create a new system or work with what you already have installed. Audio Trends designs and programs C-Bus, Control 4 and Elan home automation/control systems in-house.




Audio Trends has years of experience with top architects, interior designers, electricians and building contractors to seamlessly integrate electronics into your home or business. We commonly hide electronics and audio/video systems so they do not interfere with the décor of your home. With a specialised project management team, Audio Trends proactively coordinates installation with many subcontractors for a more efficient installation.




Audio Trends' in-house programming department, using our custom designed touchscreen interface, means you can access your home's audio/video systems, climate, security, lighting control systems and more with "ATM-like" simplicity. Please visit  our Ringwood showroom to see how intuitive home control can be when designed.



Energy Savings

Though electronics are not 'green' by their very nature, our solutions to make the electronic necessities in your life consume far less energy than in the past. New technology, energy monitoring and unique control system programming will save energy and lower your utility bills.



Wide Choice

A major benefit of being a large company is that we are able to offer a wide range of brands to best fit your budget and performance needs...nobody else in Victoria offers as much flexibility. For example, we represent the major home automation / control system companies: C-Bus, Control4 and Elan; and the two major lighting control systems: Lutron and Vantage. Which is right for you? You will get unbiased advice and budget flexibility from Audio Trends that is unrivaled by competitors.




As you can see, Audio Trends has many unique characteristics to earn your business.  Over the years Audio Trends has developed into a lot more than a specialist home entertainment store. Since 1995 we have embraced multi-room audio and video distribution systems and our Ringwood showroom was purpose built in 2004 to cater for the increased consumer demand for quality Home Theatre design, home automation and energy-efficient power and lighting technologies.

Our Custom Projects Manager Simon Lee has grown up in a family that could best be described as fanatical with electronic gadgets! So, it was natural for him to join the family business and make it his career. He has many industry accreditations and continues to be ahead of the game when it comes to Home Control and sophisticated entertainment systems. Therefore, whatever your planning, we can manage everything and with the high level of personal service and professionalism that has made us successful for over 3 decades. We therefore cordially invite you to make an appointment to come and discuss the possibilities.

PS Architects, Builders & Electricians. If you are looking for a Company to work with you on any of your projects - big or small - we also invite you to contact our Project Manager Simon Lee at [email protected]

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